Our Team

The “Team” at Wayside Community Church consists of many different people. At the present time, the only full-time staff member of the church is the pastor.  However there are several part-time support staff as well as several volunteers who all work very hard to serve the church and community in various ministries. We are truly grateful to God for all the talents and skills that our people have used for the overall mission of Wayside Community Church in the Kingdom of God.

LV Luke Vogan Pastor
LG Lori Giesler Church Treasurer
Linda Foster Junior Church Director
Diana Vatter Janitorial
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Sunday School

Dawn Corbin — Children, Luke Vogan — Teens, Hank Edwards and Marylin Hollabaugh — Adult Class

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Our music team consists of Nancy Corner, Kenton Shaw, Randy Giesler, Todd Corner, Luke Vogan, and Joan Davis. Each week they strive to create an atmosphere of praise and worship through the ministry of music.

Nancy Corner - Organ; Joan Davis - Piano; Kenton Shaw - bass guitar; Randy Giesler - Trombone; Todd Corner, Kenton Shaw, & Chris Washil - song leaders

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Sound & Recording

Lori Giesler and Marylin Hollabaugh

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Bonnie Shaw and Mike Zedreck

Board of Trustees

Randy Giesler

Marilyn Hollabaugh

Pat McCoy

Todd Corner

Marge Giesler

Susie Whitesell

Mike Zedreck